Monday, January 30, 2012

Math Routines

Tia here!
I am taking a math class from Nancy Norman, as part of my professional development.  I am in my second year and learn so much each time I talk with her, in fact every time I learn something is elicits more questions.  The goal of this class to help create a balanced math curriculum, and I feel like this class has really helped to improve my teaching.  It is this math class where I got the idea to move away from worksheet homework to practicing the math games with their families.  The other component of a balanced curriculum is what we call routines times, this is the social knowledge part of math, this is meant to be a quick 10 minute part of the day.  The way I decide what needs to be done is I think about my essentials for learning for 6 weeks and then I figure out what things are social knowledge and add them to my routines time.  Right now we working on...time to the half hour, story problems, reading number words, doubles, days of the week, months of the year, 10 more/less, money (combining coins), skip counting by 2's to 40 and 5's to 120, hundreds chart.  Here are some cards that I have created to go with my routines.  I hope you find them useful!

Month and Days of the Week
Pattern pieces
Number Words
Tens Frame Number Cards
Coins Routines


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