Monday, January 30, 2012

Homework Calendar

Someone asked to see what our homework calendar looked like.  Here is a copy of this years calendar.  I choose the games month by month according to what we are working on.  What I did was set up the skeleton calendar before the year began based on what our team decided for our StoryTown schedule.  I input the weeks and then spelling words (because this is what is the most time consuming).  Then at the end of each month I think about what our essentials are/or what the kids need more practice with, and decide what games they will have for homework.  Each month it is pretty simple especially if the game directions are already typed up.  The best part is that I can easily make copies for homework each week to send home, because the decision is already made.  This has really cut down on my prep time for homework each month and each week!  Obviously I will need to adjust it next year to make the dates match and based on what the kids are working on.  It's not perfect, but it really has helped me and help to have the parents participate in homework and make it meaningful for kids.  I have also attached the reading log that I send home.  I hope you find this useful!

Homework Calendar
Reading Log



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  2. Thank you for sharing. This is really great! I definitely would like to use something like this for next year!

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