Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February has been a busy month!!

Erica here.  Wow! It has been a busy month.   We started the month off learning about our new sound spelling for Lesson 17  of Storytown -le.  Lesson 17 stories focused on the jungle and elephants, so we did an elephant art project, using watercolor markers. Also during the week students made their own -le books.  We brainstormed words that ended in -le.  Students then cut construction paper to illustrate their own -le word picture and then they wrote a sentence to go with the picture.

Student Book I Can Read Words With -le

Then there was Valentine's Day, Parent Teacher Conferences, and President's Day.  There was even the 100th day of school, but we decided as a grade level not to celebrate the 100th day.  We decided we would celebrate the 120th day of school, since the common core focus is to 120, so that will be coming up soon.

Last Friday, our first grade students got to go shopping at First Mart (First Grade Classroom Stores)  Students have been earning pennies for being safe, being responsible and being respectful and other helpful actions.  We had a variety of goods and services for sale.  It was so much fun to watch and the kids had a great time.   One student in my room said, " First Mart broke me" They are back to saving again.  We will have the store again towards the end of the year.  We will write more information later about how our year long classroom/economy system works.

Then of course this week we have been doing many activities related to Dr. Seuss!!
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

On another note, our district is looking at math programs. We are previewing/surveying three different programs. Anybody out there use Every Day Math?  What do you like about it?  What don't you like about it?

Happy Tuesday!!